Aventuro Traveler XL helmet

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Aventuro Traveler is an innovative modular helmet designed specifically for the demands of adventure riding. You’ll love that it’s lightweight, has great airflow and is quiet even at high speed. It’s a true modular that allows you to open your chin for easy communication at the gas station or making plans with your friends while driving.

– The top and vents work together to increase the flow of cooling air around the head
– Large chin opening that can be closed to cool the driver’s face
– Easy-open and easy-close vent controls
– Lightweight design for reduced neck strain and all-day comfort
– The ‘no-grab’ design of the tip cuts through the wind cleanly
– Anti-gravity chin bar stays up without surprise fasteners
– Double seals keep rain and dust out while reducing noise
– Wide field of view for viewing and increasing safety
– Suitable for glasses, with a large enough opening for glasses
– Quick tension chin strap for easy handling and smooth operation with stainless steel internals
– COOLMAX liners for moisture absorption when dry
– One-piece lining and collar for easy removal for cleaning
– Inner pull-down sunglasses
– Includes Pinlock visor and anti-fog insert
– Intercom system ready, with speaker cavities, wire routing paths and a clamping point on the unit
– Top camera mount included
– In accordance with ECE 2205 and DOT
– Made in EU (Portugal)

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