40.500,00 RSD

Nova SAND 4 H2O jakna će vas sa stilom odvesti bilo gde u potpunoj udobnosti.


The new SAND 4 H2O jacket will take you anywhere in style in complete comfort. The strong, durable but light and extremely wear-resistant outer shell has been developed so that you can travel around the world with it countless times while providing you complete freedom of movement in many technically demanding situations. For maximum safety, the SAND 4 H2O includes state-of-the-art SEEFLEX™ level 2 protectors on the shoulders and elbows, on the back, a SEEFLEX™ level 2 back protector can be added in a specially designed pocket. All layers of the jacket can be removed and worn independently as needed, from the water-repellent hydratex® membrane to the thermal lining. Drawcords and straps on the sleeves and waist are used for precise adjustment to ensure an adequate fit depending on the layers of the jacket currently fitted. For ventilation, there are 3 ventilation panels on the front of the jacket, 4 vents for the zippers on the arms and 2 outlets also for the zippers on the back. To keep things that must be with you, it has 2 front pockets, a large back pocket and 2 inner pockets, the back pocket is large enough to store layers of the jacket that are not currently in use.


• 3D breathable mesh
• Polyester ripstop
• Removable thermal lining
• Removable hydratex®|3L waterproof membrane
• Laminated reflective details
• Travel fit
• Adjustable elbow protection
• Flexisnap patent buttons
• Ventilation panels
• Long zipper to connect with the lower part
• The possibility of hanging a SEGUR collar
• The possibility of hanging a NEON vest
• Fitted soft collar
• Inner pocket with thermal lining
• Waterproof inner pockets


• SEEFLEX™ level 1 protectors on shoulders and elbows
• Possibility of installing chest SEEFLEX™ level 1 protector
• The possibility of installing a back SEEFLEX™ level 2 protector
• Certified according to EN 17092-3:2020 AA safety standard

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