REVIT SNEAKERS DELTA H2O black and white

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Delta H2O is a CE-certified motorcycle product that offers protection on the road in case of any accident and also protection from natural disasters. The integrated waterproof breathable hydratex® membrane prevents valgus from penetrating to the foot. Thermoformed heel and toe protection and injected ankle protection form the backbone of these sneakers, while the OrthoLite® insole provides comfort both while driving and walking regardless of the weather.


• Reinforced denim, treated suede leather, mes
• hydratex®|Z- waterproof breathable membrane
• Reflective details on the heel
• Beading
• Extra pair of laces in a different color
• OrthoLite® Insole X40™ foam insole
• Language set
• Non-slip sole


• Molded elastic ankle protector
• Reinforcements on the ankle, heel and toes
• Thermoformed heel
• Thermoforming finger guard
• Certified according to EN13634:2017 safety standard